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Suffer from GERD?

(Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

We are developing a device that aims to alleviate GERD symptoms (heartburn, regurgitation, difficult swallowing, etc.) and improve your quality of life.

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GerdCare Medical

GerdCare Medical is developing a  noninvasive device that is applied by the patient onto the abdominal skin. The device electrically stimulates the abdominal muscles by a pair of electrodes with specific current wave forms. The electrical pulses generate abdominal muscles  asymmetrical contractions. These contractions generate  forward and “fast back” displacement of the esophagus (via the stomach) causing the remaining materials shift back to the stomach. Synchronization with the breathing phase is required for generating optimal pulses only while the abdominal pressure is positive through the inspiration cycles. 

Immediately effective:

Increase of the esophagus motility (shift back materials to the stomach direction).

Long term effective:

Long-term effect that include LES modulation. The concept: electrical pulses generate abdominal muscles contractions that on the long run increase LES resting pressure and decrease transient LES relaxations, reducing esophageal acid exposure.

Update: the study was successfully completed. The next study will begin within a few months.


All the Advantages in our Device


No adverse effect


Non Invasive  solution  for treating GERD


Self-used by the patient


An inexpensive procedure


No need medication


  May immediately release the symptoms


Long term effective (also after end of use): May strengthen the esophageal sphincter muscle



Can increase the esophagus motility 

Patient Info

3 Reasons Why you should Volunteer

  • The efficacy of therapeutic non-invasive device for treating esophageal reflux is now in study

  • Subjects with heartburn and/or regurgitation symptoms or treated by reflux medications are invited to take part in this study

  • The study is performed in four clinical centers: Ichilov – Tel Aviv;  Beilinson – Petach Tikva; Rambam and Bnei Zion – Haifa

  • The study procedure is involved with gastroscopy, esophageal acid monitoring, treatment with GerdCare Medical device and visits at home (or workplace)

  • The treatment is provided with no cost and optional expense reimbursement

And above all, it may improve your quality of life


Precise diagnosing of your disease via PH monitoring capsule


Taking part in scientific clinical study and contribution to society


Assisting in development of clinical device that increases quality of life and replaces medication with adverse effects

The Device That Will Change Your Life!

Many patients have been successfully treated,

with very promising results

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